Get Uncomfortable

Your challenge is to do at least one hour of fieldwork, immersing yourself in a cross-cultural or sub-cultural experience – a place, event, activity  that makes you uncomfortable.  After exploring the differences you encounter, try to come to a realization about how your reality is real-ized.

Part One: Go to a place, event, or activity that makes you uncomfortable  Stretch yourself to experience a different cultural or subcultural reality.  For example, if you are atheist, go to church.  If you are Christian, go to a Buddhist retreat. In short, do something you would probably never otherwise do and open yourself up to the experience.  Post a photo of your adventure on Instagram with the hashtags #anth101 #anth101challenge6 #yourgroup

Part Two.  Use your experience with Challenge 6 or any of your other experiences in this class to identify one of your beliefs, assumptions, tastes, ideals, or anything else that seemed “common sense” to you before this experience that you now see is not so common.   That is, name something that you now realize is culturally constructed. (e.g. gender roles, racial prejudices, ideas about intelligence, time, money, success, illness, etc.)

Use the triad of real-ization to describe how this reality (your taste, belief, assumption, or value that you thought was common sense) is culturally constructed and continuously real-ized.

What beliefs or assumptions make up this cultural construction?

What behaviors (practices, routines, habits and actions) are associated with this cultural construction?

What structures (institutions, rules, other aspects of social organization) perpetuate the belief or assumption?

How are the beliefs, behaviors, and structures you identified interconnected in a way that “real-izes” this cultural construction?