Meaning Making

Your challenge is to use what you learned in this lesson and the rest of this course to make meaning.
Option 1: Define your Values.

Assess your current values and ideals and use the wisdom outlined in this lesson to intentionally create and defend a set of core values, and evaluate your culture’s capacity to allow you to live your values. Values Worksheet


Option 2: Re-write your story.

Use the hero story structure to rethink the obstacles, problems, or pains of your life in a way that makes these trials meaningful. The final product can be a fable or a metaphorical story in which you star as the hero – or it can be more true to life and realistic.  Be as fanciful and creative as you like.   Hero Story Worksheet

Note: If you are have significant trauma in your past you may want to check with a professional counselor or psychologist to see if this assignment is right for you at this moment in your life.  As noted in the textbook, making sense of past trauma and experiences can have a powerful therapeutic effect, but you may want to show the assignment to your counselor and work through a rough draft with them first if you choose this option.



Option 3: Re-write the world.

Take Jonathan Haidt up on the challenge to write a “third story” that explains the history, problems, and paradoxes of the world in such a way that it provides a meaningful way for you to live in it.  Re-write the World Worksheet



Optional Instagram Post: Share an excerpt of your project along with a work of art (your own creation) with #anth101 #anth101challenge9 #yourgroup