The Art of Being Human

book coverFall 2018 Edition

Official First Edition with 7 new chapters.

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by Michael Wesch

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Introduction: An Invitation to Anthropology

Lesson 1: Fieldwork

Asking Questions, Making Connections, and Trying New Things

Lesson 2: Culture

The Art of Seeing

Growing Up Among the Nacirema

Lesson 3: Evolution

Who are we?  Human Evolution

The (Un)Making of the Modern Body

Lesson 4: Language

The Power of Language

Lesson 5: Infrastructure

Tools and their Humans

Mediated Culture

Lesson 6: Social Structure

Love in Four Cultures

Becoming Our Selves: Identity, Race, and Gender

Lesson 7: Superstructure

Big Questions about Morality

The Dynamics of Culture

Religion and the Wisdom of the World

Lesson 8: Globalization

How does the world work? Globalization, Prosperity, Poverty, and Inequality

Lesson 9: “The Good Life”

Creating “The Good Life”

The Power of Storytelling

Lesson 10: The Art of Being Human

There are No Accidents: The Paul Farmer Story

If Paul Farmer is the Model, We’re Screwed Golden