Lesson 9: Wisdom of the World

Reading Summary

Memorizing these ideas is easy. Living them takes a lifetime of practice. Fortunately the heroes of all time have walked before us. They show us the path.

In this lesson we explore the wisdom of the world that we can find in religious stories and rituals.  In order to open ourselves up to this wisdom we have to move beyond our own preconceptions and labels that so neatly package religious beliefs as “monotheism” “polytheism” and “animism.”  Our goal will be to see the stories that others see int eh world, feel their visions and values tingling our sensibilities and understand how they understand the world.  Ultimately, we find that a tremendous diversity of beliefs and practices around the world, but that we all must deal with basic human troubles.  And so all over the world we find stories of heroes who overcome the basic human emotions of fear and attachment to serve a greater good.  Recently, these insights have made their way to Hollywood as today’s filmmakers try to remind us of the wisdom of our world.

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