Try Something New

Your challenge is to try something new or to break a habit.  Post your progress #anth101 #anth101challenge3

As you have been learning, humans are great at asking questions, making connections, and trying new things.  But we are also creatures of habit.  Explore our remarkable abilities to change by trying something new or breaking a habit for at least 28 days.  Here is some inspiration from Matt Cutts:

To maximize your chance of success, use this handout to increase your motivation, maximize your willpower, craft a plan, and set yourself up for success.

28 Day Success Worksheet (.doc)

28 Day Success Worksheet (.pdf)

At the end of 28 Days, use this worksheet to reflect on what you learned about yourself that will be useful throughout your life:

28 Day Reflection (.doc)

28 Day Worksheet (.pdf)

If you are learning an instrument, join up with others and create a 28 Day Band.  Learn a song to perform on the 28th day!

Post updates to Instagram with the hashtags: #anth101 #anth101challenge3 #YOURGROUP.  Post daily if you can.  Post at least one update per week.

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