Your challenge is to frame/compose 10 beautiful shots that provide the context for your story, or 10 shots that allow you to practice shots you will need to have mastered when you shoot your final project.

Shot ideas:

  • Symmetry
  • Rule of Thirds
  • Pattern replication
  • Shape replication
  • Color balanced image
  • tracking shot or other gimbal shots
  • In-Camera Transitions (whips, covers, etc.)
  • Directional Continuity Transition
  • Speed Ramp
  • Dialogue / over-the-shoulder shots
  • Punch-in or Punch-out
  • Frame within a frame
  • Lines of Convegence or other Lines
  • Strategic use of negative space
  • Parallax
  • Parallax Zoom

The Basics of Composition

3:00 Composition is about focusing the audience’s attention
4:00 Rule of Thirds examples
7:39 Center Framing (there is a technique to it: you need balance)
8:30 Looking room
10:00 short-sighting can say something – breaking rules should be meaningful
10:45 head-room
11:45 Leading Lines
12:15 Repitition
12:39 Golden Ratio
14:00 Use of Contrast
14:20 Frame within a Frame
15:00 Short film with Will Smith example

Angles, Movement, and Storytelling


Inspiration & Guidelines

The Standard Rules (Rule of Thirds, Symmetry, Balance, 180 rule, Headroom etc.)

Inspiration from Wes Anderson:

Use the gimbal creatively

Film with your transitions in mind:

Tips for Quick-Cut Editing (simplify, shape replication, directional continuity, etc.)

Consider a “Oner” to set the scene:

Consider the meaning behind camera movements and angles




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