Welcome class!

Here is an essential video to get you started (note: basic content from this video is also on Quiz 1!)

Class Basics:  Each week you will have the following tasks due on Sunday night:

  • a quiz over the reading.and lesson/challenge intro videos (20 points each)
  • notes/summaries/reflections over 1 or 2 lectures or documentaries (10 points each)
  • a weekly discussion with your group-mates and TA (10 points each)
  • a challenge to put what you learned into action in the real world (25 to 50 points each)

Tips for Success:

  • Do not wait until Sunday night to start.  Each week contains 7 to 10 hours of work.  You will not be able to complete all the work if you start Sunday night.
  • Some of the challenges take quite a bit of thought and planning.  You will want to check in on the challenge at the beginning of the week and at least start thinking about it.
  • Ideal schedule would be as follows:
    • Monday: Watch Lesson video introduction.  Read lesson. Watch challenge introduction video. Take quiz.
    • Tuesday-Wednesday: Watch Documentary/Lecture One and submit notes.  Start challenge.
    • Thursday-Friday: Watch Documentary/Lecture Two and submit notes.
    • Friday-Sunday: Complete challenge and join the discussion for help or to share your insights or success.

Getting Started (15 points)

  • Login to Instagram.  You may choose to use a pseudonym and create an “Finsta” or “Anthsta” (second Instagram account) just for this class.
  • Post a selfie and introduction for the class
  • Tag it #anth101 #anth101wesch #anth101introductions and your group hashtag as well (#anth101shyla #anth101carlie #anth101halie  #clancheyanne) Find your group by clicking on “People” and then “Groups” in the menu on Canvas.
  • For fun, click on your group hashtag (e.g. #clancheyanne) on Instagram and read through the introductions of your classmates.  You will be getting to know them in your discussion sections!
  • Enter the URL for your Instagram post here so your TA will see it.
  • If you would rather not use Instagram, introduce yourself on the Week 1 Discussion and make a note to your TA here that this is what you have chosen to do.  (Note that Instagram will be tons of fun to use throughout the semester to check in on what your classmates are doing, so we strongly encourage using it, even if it is new to you. After all, “trying new things” is one of the most important parts of being human!)

See you “in class”!


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