This week’s challenge:

Enter and complete K-State’s 48 Hour Film Festival.  This will be great practice for setting up your own final project and thinking through all of the elements of production.

2019 Kick off Event and Challenge March 21 -23, 2019

Leadership Studies, Town Hall – 6 p.m.

Premiere/ Red Carpet Event March 29, 2019

K-State Student Union, Forum Hall – 6 p.m.

To Do Today:

  1. Pick teams and roles
  2. Know yourself (6 word story reflections)
  3. Brainstorm physical and space assets.
  4. Brainstorm techniques mastered.
  5. Brainstorm what you know about.
  6. Brainstorm your passions.
  7. Brainstorm genres.
  8. Review storytelling.
  9. Rethink storytelling.
  10. Make a plan to collect ideas.

Survival Guide

What you can do NOW:

  • Organize
  • Secure equipment
  • Scout locations
  • Source music
  • Take care of food, transportation, etc


  • Make story a priority.  (Focus on why something happens vs. “and then”)
  • Consider electing a “director”
  • Level your audio
  • Give yourself extra time to export and submit (LOTS of extra time)

Where to start for ideas?

  • A feeling
  • A moment
  • A twist
  • A theme
  • An idea
  • A character
  • A common problem
  • A unique problem
  • A favorite story upside-down
  • A favorite story sideways
  • An ordinary person in an extraordinary circumstance
  • An event
  • An activity
  • Anything visually compelling and rich with action and intrigue (party, club, game, etc.)

Sample Projects from former festivals:

Collecting ideas …


A Really Good Short Film and Review

It doesn’t have to be a story as you normally think of it:



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