Your Challenge This Week:

Capture the essential sounds of a place using a high-quality recorder and the techniques used in class.  Capture video shots that go with these sounds and edit together a 1 minute immersive video.


Try to engage people you do not know in impromptu interviews on the street (or wherever), preferably on a topic that might work for your final project.  Edit into a piece no longer than 3 minutes.

Project Practice

Remember to make sure whatever you do allows you to practice for your final project or even allows you to get started on it.

My 3 Year Goal: Create a video series on Religion

This Week’s Practice: Go to a local church and share the story of that church.

What I learned:

  • + It took me a day, but I learned a 360 Video workflow
  • – 360 Video does not work in low light
  • – be aware of cropping on stabilization modes
  • – Zippers are noisy.  Avoid them or tape them down.
  • – Use dead cats for wind – even on tiny lapels (I ordered some little tiny dead cats)
  • – Be careful with timelapse settings (I lost half of my footage because my camera was in timelapse mode … ARGGHHH!)
  • – Always get clean sound of the environment (not just interviews and people talking)  It will help build your soundscape.
  • – Need 1 inch or better sensor for low-light
  • +- Clean stable shots and good gliding b-roll are very useful.  I could have used more.
  • + My audio was so bad I had to match manually.  Learned Alt+Arrow to shift one-frame and Alt+Shift+Arrow to shift 5 frames
  • + Get inside your subject’s personal story as they see it and honor that story
  • + Cultivate compassion for your subject
  • + 360Cam + 2 lapels could be a great moving interview setup if executed a little better
  • + Living a little and taking chances in your everyday life ==> Better stories
  • + Remember the key elements of anthropology
    • + See Big, See Small, See it all
    • + Experience More, Experience Difference, Experience Differently
    • + Ask Questions, Make Connections, and Try New Things

Step One: What is your 3 year plan?

What challenge could you do for next week to contribute toward this plan?

Some Humans of New York Inspiration

Technical Tips / Reminders

Sound Design & Soundscapes



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