Due Tuesday: Challenge 1: Reverse Engineering

Take your favorite video and analyze the first 20shots, noticing everything you would need to re-create the video yourself.  Include the following:

  • Shot description
  • Duration of shot
  • Composition: Tight or wide shot, angle, symmetry, focus
  • Movement
  • Lighting (including position of sun, weather, artificial lights)
  • Edit Effects
  • Sound
  • Guess at exactly what equipment was used and where/how it was set up.

Here is an example of an analysis of the first 20 shots of Hong Kong Strong.


Step 1 is to pick a great video, so let’s brainstorm some of the emerging genres we might want to learn from and emulate.


Transition-Driven Travel Storytelling



Casey’s Manifesto:

Niche Lifestyle Vlog

Informational Travel Vlogs

How he turned his life around:

How he makes money:


Other Travel YouTubers:

Daily Travel Vlogs

Video Shorts

Video Essays





Inspirational Speech Shorts

with original footage:

or not:


Gadget Porn


Ironic & Comedic Parodies, etc.




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